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Child Safety and Development

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How to Increase Immunity for Kids | 12 Different Ways

Keeping ourselves healthy and immune to the germs and viruses is always important. Things are a little more serious when it comes to the case of kids and it is our responsibility to raise them with proper awareness about health. The covid days have taught us the significance of guarding against germ spread and maintaining […]

Child Safety and Development

Should Schools Close during an Epidemic Outbreak (like Corona Virus)?

COVID-19, the virus is no different from other viruses that accumulate mutations over time. The means of how it spreads depend on “Natural Selection”. The kind that can spread quickly and faster will survive “successfully” in the body. Many of them who get affected by this virus experience nothing severe than seasonal flu symptoms, but […]

Child Safety and Development

YouTube For Children: Is It Still Worth the Risk?

YouTube is an entertainment channel currently owned by Google. The subsidiary channel is a video-sharing service that allows a user to both watch videos and posts videos of their own. YouTube started off as an entertainment channel, and today it has become a destination for people, both young and old, to watch videos, cartoons, comedy, […]

Child Safety and Development

Gender Sensitization: How to Raise Kids in a Gender-Neutral Environment

The importance of Gender Sensitization is raising high as every newborn is characterized by gender before stepping into this world. And, based on gender, everyone is labeled to have a particular set of prejudiced qualities. This taboo is present in so many countries, even in the U.S. For kids, this can be a lifetime trauma […]

Child Safety and Development

15 Good Habits for Kids Every Parents must Teach

Habits are one of the inevitable elements that shape up a person and his life. That is why it is really important for parents to teach their kids about the good habits that they should develop in their life. This is the ideal time when you can mold a kid’s behavior and help him grow […]

Child Safety and Development

10 Things You Need to Know to Find High Quality Childcare!

When you want the best childcare facility for your kid, the options include formal centers, in-home facilities, and family care. No matter which option you pick, it is important to make sure that the place is best suited for your child. There are 10 important factors you should know about to find high-quality childcare. 1. […]

Child Safety and Development

18 Smart Tips to Get Rid Of Heavy Student Backpacks

It is very common for students to carry heavy backpacks to school and this eventually causes back pain and related issues to some. Many cases are reported where students complain of fatigue, discomfort and even injury over the period as a result of carrying overweight bags to school. Considering the importance of the situation, parents, […]

Child Safety and Development

Why Visual Learning is More Helpful than Traditional Learning

“Show me how to do, without telling me what to do”! This is the novel mantra of visual learning. Contrasting this with traditional learning, students then used to listen to lectures delivered by teachers. Becoming a part of the black-board classrooms, they used to put their heads into volumes of printed study material. Now is […]

Child Safety and Development

10 Effective Ways to Improve Kid’s Learning Skill

If you wish to handhold your kid to succeed in school and beyond, here are the modern learning skills that will become his/her boon for life. Leaning skills are often tagged under a common name called “4 Cs”. Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. These are the 4 important Cs that will demand a […]

Child Safety and Development

15 Tips for Creating Fruitful Environment for Kids

“Nine-tenths of education is encouragement”. This is an adage quoted by Anatole France. Ponder over this thought and you will understand the basic foundation of parenting is to encourage kids. While you as parents and teachers encourage your children, you will be showing them the way to learn new things. Empathy Towards Kids Kids who […]

Child Safety and Development

What Is the Right Age for A Child to Start Using Smart phones?

Three objects were considered essential across all participants, cultures and genders: keys, money and mobile phone.” – Jan Chipchase, Nokia Jenn is 3; she uses her mother’s phone with great interest and amusement.  If she couldn’t find the phone at her reach, she would cry her eyes out. Ann is 9; still she demands to […]

Child Safety and Development

10 Fascinating Kids’ Activity Blogs

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein Don’t take play that playful. Yes! You heard it right. There are numerous advantages connected with play. Early Years Foundation Stage syllabus for pre-schoolers ensures fun-based learning experience starts at pre-schools. But are our children learning really well at home? Even EYFS works better if […]

Child Safety and Development

5 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe on a Smartphone

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” – Stacia Smart phone, as the name suggests is one among the smartest invention of the modern era. In case of an emergency, smartphones help children to get in touch with their parents. In addition to that, smartphone […]

Child Safety and Development

Why Should Parents And Teachers Acknowledge School Diversity?

In today’s age, we are becoming more and more culturally and ethnically diverse in all aspects of life. It spans across educational backgrounds, religion, language, race, ethnicity and geography. In spite of diversity that surrounds us most schools do not take a proactive approach to acknowledging diversity. There are numerous reasons why schools, parents and […]

Child Safety and Development

10 Steps to Use Your Vacation Productively

Vacations have transformed drastically over the years. From a time of unstructured play and fun, vacations now are a time to learn and sharpen new skills. If you are finding it difficult to use your vacations more productively, then here are 10 steps to help you. 1. Make a Decision Make a decision to utilize […]

Child Safety and Development

Importance of Parental Involvement In The Education of Their Children

Many researches exist about parental involvement in education. All the results of such researches point out that parental involvement not only positively affect student achievement, but it also contributes to the better performance and higher quality education of the schools. It is not easy to make a positive involvement in our child’s education. Now with […]

Child Safety and Development


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