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GK Questions For Class 1


GK Questions For Class 1

Curiosity is the spark behind the spark of every idea”.

And so, let us be someone who ignites the spark in them. This can be done by developing General Knowledge in Kids. 

So, here are some easy GK questions for kids with answers for Class 1.

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1) How many months are there in a year?

Ans- 12

2) How many days are there in a week?

Ans- 7

3) How many days are there in a year?

Ans- 365

4) Which number comes after 15?

Ans- 16

5) How many colours are there in a rainbow?

Ans- 7

6) We use our ears to ______.

Ans- Hear

7) Name the day that comes after Tuesday?

Ans- Wednesday

8) How many vowels are there in the English alphabet?

Ans- 5

9) A cow has ____ legs.

Ans- 4

10) Which gas do humans need to breathe to live?

Ans- Oxygen

11) Which month comes after October?

Ans- November

12) How many zeroes are there in one thousand?

Ans- Three

13) How many hands do you have?

Ans- 2

14) We chew food using our ____________.

Ans- Teeth

15) Which sense organ do you use to smell?

Ans- Nose

16) Which part of the plant is brown and below the ground?

Ans- Roots

17) Which part of a plant has seeds?

Ans- Fruit

18) Which part of a plant soaks up nutrients and water from the soil?

Ans- Root

19) Which bird has a far sight and turns its head all the way round?

Ans- Owl

20) Which animal eats mice?

Ans- 20

21) Which animal wags its tail and lives in a kennel?

Ans- Dog

22) Which animal has a long nose known as trunk?

Ans- Elephant

23) Which animal likes honey?

Ans- Bear

24) Name a cunning animal?

Ans- Fox

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25) Which animal has a long neck?

Ans- Giraffe

26) Which animal has black and white stripes on its body?

Ans- Zebra

27) Which animal gives us wool?

Ans- Sheep

28) February has _____ days in a leap year.

Ans- 29

29) Which is the largest river island in Asia?

Ans- Majuli Island (Assam)

30) Which shape has three sides?

Ans- Triangle

31) How many weeks are there in a year?

Ans- 52 Week

32) There are ____ months in a year.

Ans- 12

33) Name the shape with five sides?

Ans- Pentagon

34) Home of a pig is called ______.

Ans- Sty

35) Name the largest island in the world?

Ans- Greenland

36) Which is the largest mammal on Earth?

Ans- Blue Whale

37) What is the name of the story where Ella leaves her glass slipper while attending the royal ball?

Ans- Cinderella

38) Which fairy tale character meets seven dwarfs in a cottage?

Ans- Snow White

39) Name the fairy tale character with long golden hair trapped in a tower?

Ans- Rapunzel

40) Name the fairy tale character, who is a poor thief and has a magic lamp?

Ans- Aladdin

41) Which fairy tale character meets a Big Bad wolf while going to visit her grandmother in the woods?

Ans- Little Red Riding Hood

42) Name the story in which a young girl falls through a rabbit hole, goes to a fantasy world and meets many strange characters?

Ans- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

43) Name the shape with seven sides?

Ans- Heptagon

44) Planet Earth is shaped like a __________.

Ans- Sphere

45) A shape with six sides is called ________.

Ans- Hexagon

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46) A shape with ten sides is called ________.

Ans- Decagon

47) How many sides does an octagon have?

Ans- 8

48) What is the color of human blood?

Ans- Red

49) Which colour symbolizes peace?

Ans- White

50) In which season do we use cotton clothes?

Ans- Summer

51) The colour of cow’s milk is ________.

Ans- White

52) What comes after 35?

Ans- 36

53) The tusks of elephants are made of ______.

Ans- Ivory

54) Kangaroos have _____ to carry their young ones.

Ans- Pouches

55) Cheese is made from _______.

Ans- Milk

56) Taste of sugar is _______.

Ans- Sweet

57) Taste of tamarind is _______.

Ans- Sour

58) We wear a watch on our _______.

Ans- Wrist

59) What is 10+4?

Ans- 14

60) A goat has ______ legs.

Ans- 4

61) Earth has ____ natural satellite(s).

Ans- 1

62) The leaves of a tree fall during which season?

Ans- Autumn

63) A person who goes to space is called an ________.

Ans- Astronaut

64) A young frog is called a _______.

Ans- Tadpole

65) Which colour of the traffic light indicates “wait”?

Ans- Yellow

66) Which is the first letter of the English alphabet?

Ans- A

67) Whom do we call to put out fire?

Ans- Fireman

68) Name the vehicle used by firemen?

Ans- Fire engine

69) Orange is a source of which vitamin?

Ans- Vitamin C

70) Humans have _____ toes.

Ans- Ten

71) A hen lives in a _____.

Ans- Coop

72) Your father’s brother is your _________.

Ans- Uncle

73) Which insect makes a web?

Ans- Spider

74) Which magic word do you use while asking for something?

Ans- Please

75) Which magic word do you use when someone helps you?

Ans- Thank you

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76) Which of these is a green-colored vegetable?

a) Potato

b) Tomato

c) Pea

d) Cauliflower

Ans: C. Pea 

  1. What is the Color of the Leaves?

a) Red

b)  Green

c) Blue

d) Yellow

Ans: B. Green

  1. Identify the Tree

gk question

a) Coconut Tree

b) Banyan Tree

c) Mango Tree

d) Peepal Tree

Ans: A. Coconut Tree

  1. Who is the king of the jungle?


b) Lion

c) Deer

d) Elephant

Ans: B. Lion

  1. Which part of your body do you use to see?

a) Ears

b) Nose

c) Tongue

d) Eyes

Ans: D. Eyes 

  1. How many fingers are there in your hands?

a) Five

b) Six

c) Seven

d) Ten

Ans. D. Ten

  1. Which of the following animals give us milk?

a) Cow

b) Dog

c) Cat

d) Monkey

Ans: A. Cow

  1. What is the color of sunflowers?

a) White

b) Yellow

c) Blue

d) Green

Ans: B. Yellow

  1. Which animal is known as “Ship of Desert”?

a) Donkey

b) Horse

c) Came

d) Elephant

Ans: C. Camel

  1.  How many legs do you have?

Ans: Two

  1.   Which animal guards our house?

Ans: Dog

  1.   Identify the bird

General knowledge for kids

Ans: Peacock

  1. What is the color of your hair?

Ans: Black

  1. How many wheels does a cycle have?

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Ans: Two

  1. Name the four main directions?

Ans: North, East, West, and South

  1. What food does a cow eat?

Ans: Grass

  1.   Which number comes after 10?

Ans: 11

  1. Which means of transport do you use in water?

Ans: Ship

  1. How many alphabets are there in the English language?

Ans: 26

  1. Where do you go when you are sick?

Ans: Hospital

  1. A person who teaches us is known as___________?

Ans: Teacher

  1. Name the vowels in English.

Ans: A,E,I,O,U

  1. How many sense organs do we have?

Ans: Five

  1. What is the color of the sky?

Ans: Blue

  1. What sound does a dog make?

Ans: Bow-Bow

GK Questions

General Knowledge For Kids (105 Questions and Answers)

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