GK Questions For Class 5

Friday June 19, 2020

GK Questions For Class 5

This is a stage where kids have learned a lot of new things but will be unsure of many other things.

Let’s go with some of the interesting General Knowledge (gk) questions for class 5 Students to quench their thirst for knowledge.

  1. 1024 kilobytes is equal to _.

Ans: 1 Megabyte(MB)

  1. Who is Paulo Coelho?

Ans: Brazilian Novelist

  1. A figure with 6 sides is known as ________.

Ans: Hexagon

  1. What do UPS stand for?

Ans: Uninterrupted Power Supply

  1. At which temperature does water boil?

Ans: 100◦C

  1. Name the acid in lemon.

Ans: Citric acid

  1. Which is the first animal to land on the moon?

Ans: Laika, The dog

  1. Name the two Oceans in which Australia is sandwiched between?

Ans: The Indian Ocean and The Pacific Ocean

  1. What do AM and PM stand for?

Ans: AM stands for Ante Meridiem and PM stands for Post Meridiem

  1. Statue of Liberty is in _.

Ans- New York City

  1. Name the five layers of Earth’s atmosphere.

Ans: Exosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere

  1. Name the border of India and Pakistan.

Ans: Radcliffe Line 

  1. What is Ablutophobia?

Ans: It is the Fear of Bathing

  1. What is the full form of  HTTP?

Ans: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

  1. Identify the Tennis Player.

gk for kids (2)

Ans: Roger Federer

  1. Which is the coldest planet in our solar system?

Ans: Neptune

  1. Which gas is known as “Laughing gas”?

Ans: Nitrous Oxide

  1. Name the largest temple in the World.

Ans: Angkor Wat

  1. Which of the following is not a component of chlorophyll?

a) Magnesium

b) Carbon

c) Calcium

d) None of These

Ans: C. Calcium

  1. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world?

Ans: Lake Baikal

  1. What is the full form of MBBS?

Ans: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

  1. Who is the founder of Buddhism?

Ans: Siddhartha Gautama

  1.  What is the capital of Italy?

Ans: Rome

  1. When is UN day celebrated?

Ans: October 24

  1. What is the scientific name of Mango?

Ans: Mangifera Indica

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